Semicolon as a genre delimiter?

Is there any way to make the Clip and/or Clip+ recognize semicolons as a delimiter in the genre field?

I use multiple genres so that certain songs/albums appear in multiple categories in Windows Media Player. For example, with a Billie Holliday Ken Burns Jazz cd, I would tag the album “Jazz; Ken Burns Jazz; Jazz: Vocal”. In Windows Media Player, the album then appears in three separate genre categories – nice, for example, if I want to random play among the other various Ken Burns Jazz cds, or similarly want to random play among other Jazz: Vocal songs.

The Clip and Clip+, however, do not seem to recognize the semicolon as a delimiter. They put the album into a single genre called “Jazz; Ken Burns Jazz; Jazz: Vocal”.

This makes random play by genre not work correctly. You can work around this by creating playlists, but that’s a lot of work and defeats all the effort to tag albums with multiple, precise genres.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

As far as I am aware there’s no way to do this.  As you said you can work around it by using playlists, or with the clip+, folders to an extent.  Playlists are probably the easiest way as you have 3 genres in one field, and much quicker than waiting around only to find out sandisk have no plans to implement it.