SecureAccess not working on company computer - how can I use as a normal USB device

I thought I would be able to use the device without the security but it seems you have to use the security to save anything on the device. I thought this would be an option not a must…

I can’t add delete or do anything with the USB stick… please help!!

I thought this would be an option not a must…

It is an option not a must.

please help!!

What did the company’s IT people say when you told them of the problem?

You can use the SanDisk Flash Drive with or without the SecureSafe software.

You can drag and drop files to the root of the Flash Drive(as you would any Flash Drive), or into the SecureSafe.

Your work computer may prevent unauthorized USB Flash Drives from mounting onto its system or it doesn’t like the autorun action of the SecureSafe software.

If you don’t need the SecureSafe software, then backup your files on the Flash Drive, and reformat it.

This will erase everything on the drive and give you a blank drive.

Then drag all your desired files back to the Flash Drive and use it as a regular plain Flash Drive.

Let us know if this worked for you.

It’s a whole lot easier and quicker to delete a few folders and files then formating the USB drive.  Formating is gross overkill.