newbie question - can I kill the security?

I just received my Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16 GB (SDCZ80-016G-G46) and it comes with security requiring a login, etc. I knew that before I bought it, and didn’t really want it, but it had the best speed for the price.

My use is not private in any way. I really don’t need the security which is only a nuisance…

Is there any way to kill all the security stuff and use it as a simple USB drive?

If not, is there an alternate model with the same speed that doesn’t have any security?


Sure.  Just delete the files on the drive.

Thanks. I’ll try it.  That’s particularly important if used for a recovery media. There would be no way to enter a password from the BIOS setup utility, My usage is more mundane, simply to store some chess endgame tablebases for rapid access by software.