SDMX1 root file

Any suggestions on how I can get my player not to download everything into the root file? I am using Musicmatch jukebox to rip CD’s and load. Everytime it does this root file load, I am not able to utilize the full capacity of the player. It also cycles back to a particular song over and over or just freezes. I have installed all of the firmware that was available for this unit thus far.

Short of manually doing it yourself, (which is just as easy in my opinion), there should be a setting in Tools or Options that allows you to determine the output location. Set it for your F:\MUSIC (or whatever your player’s drive is on your system).

The freezing and/or repeating is a different issue. Probably ID3 tag related.

I left it with my wife and she managed to figure it out. I think using a different CD ripper and initially putting the music in folders helped out.

I updated the firmware as well. Assigned the player to  F:\removeable disc, at least the computer did.

Thanks again.

Although I have many more songs, SDMX1 stops at ROOT.and will go no further. No buttons will respond and I cannot even turn it off.  I have to remove and reinstall the battery to get it going again, then after one song it stops again.  All of my songs are loaded into ROOT.  It did not use to do this.  This started recently.  How can i get it to play continuously through all songs and start at the begining again.  Thanks.  James M. Smith