Fixing my mothers mp3 quicksmart":)

I got my mother an SDMX1 512mb model a couple of years ago and has loved its marvels

However last night we were going through the usual procedure of replacing old with new and realised she had copied some cds in realplayer and had saved the audio files in real system??

So we had to delete the files off player. I formatted the device and we copied all the cd’s again using wmp. On the side is an option to cpy to device, we found the player from the drop down menu and it started to transfer them across. Apart half way down the music list it stalled on one song and wmp was in ‘not responding’ mode. I closed down the program, pulled the usb cable out from the player and re-started the transfer process again. The problem that has arose is the device is not longer recognised by the laptop aor by my pc. Its description is now removable disk instead of SDMX1 and isnt allowing access to the player. We have also tried to format the thing again but is unable to.

Has anyone had this problem? I have read similar threads with this problem but dosent seem to apply to this model.

If anyone knows how i can solve the problem it would be much appreciated

It took mum forever to get used to the mp3 player, if we had to get a new one we will have to go through the learning stages of frustration and stubboness again:)

I forgot to mention we have also tried the reset mode on the mp3 but nothing happens.

Man, did i write an essay or what!!! 

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lol… i found a 258 mb red one in shopers drug mart yesterday for $30 of somethin… XD