I am looking for user guide ofr SDMX1-512R MP3 player.  Where can I find one?

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Indeed, the cool little Digital Audio Player, vintage 2004.   Here’s a copy of the User Guide for you.  Sorry, it is missing the title page, but the important information is all there!

I pulled this information via the SanDisk link in the upper left corner, then to Support, then the Legacy MP3 players links.  I had a Homer Simpson moment when I realized that the part number isn’t indexed in the database. 

Here’s a photo, for those wondering what we’re looking at:


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I need to reformat my SDMX1 but the old manual doesn’t tell me how. I guess I need the “disc” which I never had (hand-me down from my kids). The player has been and still seems to work great. However, here is my issue: I plugged into my computer and deleted files as I usually do (I use the player to listen to books).  I can play them as well as see the names on the MP3 player’s screen. I can no longer see those files on computer but know they are on the player. I can also not load new files and get the message that there is no memory.

There is nothing I need to save on the player but I need to clear the memory so I can load new files.

Any one have a suggestion?

the player should mount as a removable disk. just open my computer right click the removable disk and select format. that should do it. 

i have a SDMX1-512R 

when i delete songs the songs are deleted from the file on the computer but not from the SDMX1-512R how do i get the songs off the player.

you have chosen the wrong device if you are removing them from your PC … you can put them back by selecting the removable disk from windows explore then select them to copy them back to the PC (use a folder of your choice for organization) … once back on the PC you can delete them from the SanDisk (MAKING SURE YOU ARE ON THE REMOVABLE DISK) … GOOD LUCK!!!