SD Cruzer SDCZ36-016G

I removed the initial software because I needed the extra space and always find it that software is unneccessary and inconvinient, as I do not have administrative priviliges. I can no longer store any data on the drive and it won’t even recognize it as a portable device. Does anybody know how to fix this? Unfortunately, I cannot retrieve those intial files, I was working in a network.

the software is value added software and not needed for use of the device. removing the included software will not affect the drive being detected. i would suggest trying the device on another computer (one where you do ahve administrative rights) if the drive works then you should contact your IT team since there really is not any troubleshooting we can do without admin rights. 

“I removed the initial software because I needed the extra space”

Interesting.  What exactly do you put on your 16GB drive that needed the extra . 25GB of space?  Just curious.

Well since Ed here is being douchey and decidedly unhelpful, I might as well chime in and say that I had the same problem but following these directions made the drive usable once again.

Thank you, it seems to have worked. And as for Ed, I need that space for a movie project I’m working on, and if you know anything about .mov’s and .avi’s nowadays, they take up a lot of space.

.movs and .avis do indeed take a lot of space.  So do image backups of hard drives.  The point i was trying to get to is the FAT32 format only supports files up a max of 4GB so even though your USB stick is 16GB it has some limitations.  If you have movie files larger than 4GM you need to format the drive as NTFS.

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