SD Card not found by phone or computer

My SD card was working flawlessly in my LG Optimus L90 yesterday and connected to my HP Windows 7 laptop without a problem either 2 or 3 days ago. Suddenly, I go into my media on my phone today and it shows nothing. I go into my phone settings and it says there is no memory card detected. I tried SD cards from three other friends and they all registered fine on my phone so that isn’t the issue. I then tried my SD in my laptop and the laptop won’t even recognize I inserted a memory card but it instantly recognizes and opens my roommate’s memory card without issue. I tried going into the device manager on my laptop but it can’t find it there, nor can ZAR recovery software. What could I do? This is a pressing matter because I need one of those videos off of my SD card by next week. 

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Friend sorry, you performed all necessary tests.

If the card is not recognized, implies that is died, ist kaputt.

Contact with SanDisk Technical Support who will replace the device, if it’s authentic and within warranty:


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I am facing the same issue but my card is not dead it is working on the computer but not on the phone.

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Then please, clean the phone slot, and try other cards.

Luck, and then you tell us, what happened, please.

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i also have same issue, purchased on 22 July & been using it since.

suddenly 3 days ago the sd card not detected in my phone, i put it on card reader also not detected by my pc…

previuosly been purchased the 16 gb for my galaxy note 2 and working well not any single issue happen, then purchase another one for my redmi 1s & the problem appears,

the online store that 1 purchased this sd card says that i need to provide the box for warranty claim…

i dont have the box due its already 3 months ago & no mention earlier that i need to provide the box for warranty claim…

been emailing also to support but no answer till now…

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Please, do not grieve more.

Contact _ SanDisk Technical Support _ who will replace the device, _ if it’s authentic and is within warranty._



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Hope this, that I just posted elsewhere on this forum, might help you and others with un-detected SD cards.  Certainly no guarantee(!), but my miracle might not be a unique occurrence and might help others recover invaluable data.  GOOD LUCK!

Re: 32GB Sandisk Micro SD suddenly stopped being recognized by Galaxy S3 phone

‎12-26-2014 02:58 PM

Same issue happened 2 days ago in LG D415.  Using card for >2 years.  Successfully transferred card and all data from previous HTC phone 3 mo ago.  Ran out of system memory on LG, so transferred all pics to same 32 GB micro-SD - and hadn’t yet backed up :-(.  While transferring video of grandson’s first steps to card, got message from phone saying that SD card had been removed, and that I should have unmounted it first.  The card was working fine in the phone until that message.  Tried re-seating the card several times and also tried reading it on laptop SD slot and on 3 different USB adaptors - NO JOY (and it’s Christmas!!).  The card is not detected, so there’s no way to use recovery software.   Any recommendations about most reliable recovery vendors? And, everybody says they’re expensive - HOW MUCH??  Happy Holidays to all those without this problem!

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 01-03-2015 09:42 PM

No replies to this yet, but I have exciting news!  Based on info from an earlier post in which someone noted that a micro-SD card which had been unrecognized on his phone and computer suddenly re-appeared after several hours sitting in the card reader on his computer, I left my card in the SanDisk adapter on my PC and HOPED!  After ~1 wk of sitting there unrecognized through many hours of operation and multiple re-boots for various reasons, the card suddenly appeared in Windows Explorer!!  I immediately successfully copied the contents to my hard drive (recovering all the precious pictures I thought were lost!).  When the data seemed to continue to be accessible, as opposed to the earlier report (which said that the card quickly became unrecognizable again), I re-installed the card in my phone - and it has behaved correctly since.  I plan to buy another card for the phone and use this one for long-term storage, but I’ve learned how important it is to maintain a current backup (cloud or another medium) for the removable as well as the internal storage on my phone!  

I don’t have a clue about the mechanism for this miracle micro-SD recovery, but I hope somebody else might benefit from my experience.

I’m having the same problem with my Nokia 4.2.
It was working fine this morning and all a sudden, it says to insert it in device even though it’s not been taken out. All my data and pictures are all lost and a lot of my apps will not open.
I have tried to clean it and it still will not work, do you know what I can do?
It’s not even allowing anything to be restored. I have tried ejecting and remounting and again still doesn’t work.