Miraculous RECOVERY of unrecognized 32 GB microSD card!!

Hope this, that I just posted elsewhere on this forum, might help others with un-detected SD cards.  Certainly no guarantee(!), but my miracle might not be a unique occurrence and might help others recover invaluable data.  GOOD LUCK!


Re: 32GB Sandisk Micro SD suddenly stopped being recognized by Galaxy S3 phone

‎12-26-2014 02:58 PM

Same issue happened 2 days ago in LG D415.  Using card for >2 years.  Successfully transferred card and all data from previous HTC phone 3 mo ago.  Ran out of system memory on LG, so transferred all pics to same 32 GB micro-SD - and hadn’t yet backed up :-(.  While transferring video of grandson’s first steps to card, got message from phone saying that SD card had been removed, and that I should have unmounted it first.  The card was working fine in the phone until that message.  Tried re-seating the card several times and also tried reading it on laptop SD slot and on 3 different USB adaptors - NO JOY (and it’s Christmas!!).  The card is not detected, so there’s no way to use recovery software.   Any recommendations about most reliable recovery vendors? And, everybody says they’re expensive - HOW MUCH??  Happy Holidays to all those without this problem!

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 01-03-2015 09:42 PM

No replies to this yet, but I have exciting news!  Based on info from an earlier post in which someone noted that a micro-SD card which had been unrecognized on his phone and computer suddenly re-appeared after several hours sitting in the card reader on his computer, I left my card in the SanDisk adapter on my PC and HOPED!  After ~1 wk of sitting there unrecognized through many hours of operation and multiple re-boots for various reasons, the card suddenly appeared in Windows Explorer!!  I immediately successfully copied the contents to my hard drive (recovering all the precious pictures I thought were lost!).  When the card data seemed to continue to be accessible, as opposed to the earlier report (which said that the card quickly became unrecognizable again), I re-installed the card in my phone - and it has behaved correctly since.  I plan to buy another card for the phone and use this one for long-term storage, but I’ve learned how important it is to maintain a current backup (cloud or another medium) for the removable as well as the internal storage on my phone!  

I don’t have a clue about the mechanism for this miracle micro-SD recovery, but I hope somebody else might benefit from my experience.



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