SD Card not detected by computer - SOLVED

My daughter just returned from a trip to Thailand and was upset that one of her SD cards and failed and was unusable. I was sure I could help as I’ve used software in the past to retrieve data from SD cards. But in this case the card was not recognized at all when inserted so I was unable to run any data retrieval software. I tried it in several different computers, card readers and cameras with no luck.

As the pictures and video were so important I started looking online for a data recovery company and was quite shocked to see the prices I was quoted. After much research I finally settled on a company in Germany called Recoverfab ( ) Not only did I find many positive reviews but their prices were much more reasonable. I was still a little leery of mailing the card to Germany but figured I had nothing to lose.

If you’re in this situation where nothing works and you have to turn to a data retrieval company I highly recommend Recoverfab. There was no upfront charge and within a week of mailing the card I had an estimate for the job along with screenshots of all the photos and videos that were recovered. They also provided great email communication throughout the process.

I hope this helps someone else out there.