SD card has stopped overwriting and won't format

My SanDisk Ultra 32GB SD card has been merrily saving files on my dashcam for the last couple of months, but has suddenly stopped overwriting. I tried to manually delete/format the card on my dashcam and then on my windows pc but to no avail. The available capacity of the SD card still remains 669MB out of 30417MB. I downloaded the SD Card Formatter and tried both the quick format and overwrite format, but the files have stubbornly remained on the SD card. Is there anything else I can do?


Same case for me. No format, no delete, but I can read the files on it. Please help

Same for me, I can’t formatting it on W10, - It say there is a (ESP)“archivo con vínculo cruzado” (Crossed link file?), and it’s truncated.
I can acces the files, but can’t delete any or write new files.