SD Card corrupt and shows as RAW

Hi, I am helping a friend out with recovering data from an SD Card. They were moving things off their phone and they canceled the transfer just as it started and now nothing is reading the contents of the card. I have tried using linux to read the card and have also tried running chkdsk to no avail. What else can i do to attempt to repair this card? when you plug it in the card takes a good few minuets to appear in Windows but does not show any partitions. Disk Management also does not seem to load either when the card i in the computer. The card seems to read as RAW in CHKDSK.

You can try to fix the damaged SD card via formattting SD card. But what you need to pay attention is that formatting will delete all data on it. Thus, you can recover data from the RAW SD Card to another place using data recovery software, if you don’t want suffer from data loss.

“They were moving things off their phone and they canceled the transfer…” - that is the reason why SD card can become a RAW)))

    Well, don’t worry, you can fix it with diskpart! That is in build windows tool. It is pretty much better than simple formatting!

You can use the algorithm from here SD card RAW format recovery  (use the code from black&white picture).

    But remember: that will remove all your files, so save them first. You can use their software - Uneraser or any other that you like, but restore files first - there will be a small chance to restore them after diskpart.

Hello, may be you can try updating the USB device driver.
Enter into Device Manager by typing” devmgmt.msc” in the Win+R window, and then choose “Update Driver Software”.

And I find a ste that contains four ways to recover SD card corrupted and RAW issue, hope it can help you.