Corrupt SD card (windows can see)

I have a 64GB SD card which only 1GB is used.

Both windows and mac can see the folders and files but can NOT view or copy.

I have cleaned the tips.
I have tried different readers
I have tried different computers - mac and pc
I have ran chkdsk /f - originally gave me a corrupt message for each folder (can’t recall the errors).

Now chkdisk displays:

“a media error has been detected. Bad sectors may not be present on the volumne”

CHkdsk seemed to get pas the verify files and folders section along with verify file allocations

Windows explorer can see the folders and files along with thumbnails of most (but not all) pics or video

I’m at a loss. Can I get the files off? or is this a waste of time at this point?

I have tried a few “free” programs but those are misleading as they don’t reveal anything until you pay.

I don’t mind paying a nominal fee for app but ONLY if there is a good chance to get the files back.

Does anyone know of a good app or steps to recover files?


Hi @DeputyDawg ,

You should try contacting SD Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting:

To Contact SD for Technical Support

For Data Recovery, please refer to the link below: