scroller broken?

i got a fuze and i use it at work…and one day im not sure if i bumped into somethin while it was in my pocket or not…but when i turned it on the battery was dyin and i couldnt scroll/…so i figured it wasnt workin bc it was dyin…but after i recharged it the scroller still wont work…when i move it it still clicks so i cant be out or place or anything…its stuck on fm radio player…is there like some kind of reboot or somethin that might help…

try charging it, then download the Sansa firmware updater, then run it and follow the steps.

If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know what to tell ya.

You could try resetting it. Push the sliding, spring-loaded power switch up as if you are going to turn it on, but hold it there approx. 20 seconds. Then release it, and try to start it normally. Re-installing the firmware might help, but I doubt it. And you can follow the instructions and do it manually. The Updater will only work is there is something to ‘update’ (hence the name), not re-installing the same or previous f/w version.

If this doesn’t work, your last resort is to call Tech Support. You may have damaged it, or it may just have died on its own. If you can return it and get another from wherever you bought it from, that would be quickest; but if not SanDisk may be able to RMA it for you. The TS rep should be able to help you with that. :smiley:

my scoller is doing the same thing. I did not touch mine when it broak. It caame to the end of a book and would not go any further. I have reloaded and tried everything and it will not work. Any ideas?