screen reads 'disconnected' won't turn on or off

Got this clip4GB, for Christmas, never dropped it and have taken good care of it.  Anyhow, ystdy while I was outside running with it, it would stop in the middle of a song, go back to the main menu and when I hit Music-play all, it would start back at the beginning of the entire playlist.  So today, I charged it, when I unplugged it from the USB port it displays ‘Disconnected’ but won’t turn on or off.  I’m pretty co-dependent on others for help with electronics so I am not able to figure this out.  Sorry.  Any help would be great, I have been really happy with this MP3 so far!   

hold the power button up for aboput 10 sec it should do a softreset and reset the player. probably a good idea to do the firmware update if you have not already. instructions are stickied at the top of this board.

k, got it turned off.  I’ll proceed to make sure there aren’t any corrupt songs in there (the virus scan I did b4 uploading sh/have taken care of that though) and go from there. Who knows what I’ll find.  Thanks for your reply!