Screen goes blank when playing music or radio

I have just purchased my first Sandisk Sansa clip zip. When I play the radio or play the pre-loaded music, the screen goes balnk (black) even though the unit is till playing. The unit has not gone to sleep or switched off - it is still playing but the screen is black. How can I stop this from happening?

(Please help - I am old and am not used to new technology!)


The screen is supposed to go off after a pre-determined (and user set) time to save battery life; kinda like a screen saver. By pressing one of the buttons, it should “wake up” and be visible again. Check your Backlight settings in Settings > System Settings and you should be able to change the amount of time it stays on before going off.

Keep in mind though that the screen is the largest power user on the player, so to get decent battery life I set the screen brightness very low, and the screen backlight time very short. 

It would be cool though to get an mp3 player with a screen like that on a digital watch, which uses so little power that it could be on all the time the player is playing, and still not affect battery life very much. Who needs a colorful screen? 

Thank you everyone.

So it seems that this is a feature of the Sansa Clip Zip then. I’m not used to an item being completely blank / black even when it’s on but will have to get used to it and I must remember to switch it off every time !

(my last MP3 player didn’t do this and nor does my husband’s Sony)

Thanks for your help.

The Sony screen stays on all the time?  It must be a very old model with a monochrome screen? Today the players have colorful screens that eat plenty of power. I guess if the Clip Zip screen is kept on all the time, battery life might be 3 hours or less depending on the brightness setting?

The portable CD players I had many years ago kept their screens on all the time while the player was playing.

@jclifford wrote:

I must remember to switch it off every time ! 

Yep–I’ve had some experiences in coming back to my player the next day, only to find it dead–seemingly, as a result of my having forgotten to shut the player off, my not having noticed that it still was on . . . .