Screen Blank, Wheel Does Not Work

Just got a brand new 8gb Fuze, worked for an hour and now it’s broken.

Battery fully charged. Was listening to FM radio, hit home button to switch to mp3 mode, no screen visible, blue wheel light on, when blue wheel light goes off screen comes on for a second then off. Modes won’t change, wheel not working, screen not working, can control radio vol. I’m not happy.:womansad:

When turning off, no screen to indicate Goodbye. Can’t do updates, can’t scroll  to get to settings. Tried reset, didn’t work. 

Well, if your Fuze doesn’t respond after holding the power button up, in the on position for 15 seconds, then trying to power up normally, you may have a bad unit.

The quickest route is to take it to the place of purchase for a quick exchange.

SanDisk covers the device from defects for one full year.  You can call 1-866-SANDISK for further information.

Bob  :wink:

Sorry to hear that!

Despite all the discussions here, they ARE awesome unints and represent a fantastic value from a bang-for-the-buck perspective.

Try another one and I’m sure you’ll be happy.