Screen blanks after turning wheel / clicking button

Hi there,

I bought my Sansa Fuse 2Gb on thursday. It worked fine initially.

Yesterday, it suddenly developed a new behaviour. Now, every time I turn the wheel or click a button, the screen blanks for a number of seconds after which it returns.

This is most annoying!

Any suggestions what can be the cause & how to fix this?

I looked through the forums but could not find something that resembled this problem.

Take it back! You’ve got an internal problem on a brand-new unit (I assume it’s brand-new) that can’t be fixed! Get another one NOW before you spend all your time loading up music, videos, etc. only to have to do it all over again when you get the new one.

Problem there is that I bought it in the US while on business travel, and I’m back in Europe now. Anyone know what the best way to deal with that is?

As long as you have ‘proof of purchase’ (receipt) you should be able to get it replaced through SanDisk. Here’s a link to all their Customer/Tech Support numbers.

Normally once it’s confirmed you have a problem, they will e-mail you a RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) and a printable pre-paid shipping label. Once they receive your bad unit, they’ll send you out a replacement.

And just a tip . . . if the shipping label doesn’t allow for it, I would pay extra for ‘Delivery Confirmation’ when sending it back; there was a fellow on here a while back that sent his in, SanDisk claimed they never got it, and it turned into a big “Can O’ Worms”! :wink:

Good Luck!

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