Scandisk SDHC 8gb card freezes up my Nikon D7000

I have repeatedly faced the issue when I am in burst mode that my D7000 freezes up, shows –E- and displays ‘No Card inserted’.

Nothing short of removing and putting in the battery seems to work. I lose the burst shots but retain the one shot before the burst.

Is this an issues with Scandisk ? I have seen complaints on other forums of people complaining  card compatibility or Firmware issue. Scandisk is on the recommended list of cards by Nikon, but I still face the same issue.

had the same problem mit brandnew d7000 with one extrem pro 8gb and a 16gb extreme pro in the main slot.

main slot für nef files, second slot für jpg.

also the storage cards were brand new.

first shooting day (two events) 5 times “card error” with d7000 freezing, only getting the accu out and inserting it agaein helped.

the 6th time the backscreen of d7000 showed dangerous warning that main" card (16gb) might be damaged " error with a red warning sing.

so i ignored warning and resett d7000 with procedure like before and went on shooting.

i will call nikon austria tomorrow and write an mail to sandisk.

could get funny to find the mistake , card or camera or both?

ciao gerhard


I had the same problem with a 32GB Adata card. Pulled it from the D7000 and used a 16 GB with no problem. Had to format the 32 in a few different devices before the format worked.

I am having the same error message “-E” in my Nikon D7000. I have tried three (3) different SanDisk cards, Extreme 8GB, 16GB, and Extreme Pro 32GB. All those SanDisk cards gave me errors.

I have to take the card out, and then replace and it will work for a short time. I have NO issues with other Transcend, Kodak, PNY class 10 cards. Very disappointed. I have not updated my firmware, so I’ll try that to see if it makes a difference. If anyone else has thoughts or similar, please share. Thanks.

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