SanDisk Extreme HD Video and Nikon D5100

On my 5100 I keep getting “SD CARD NOT INSERTED”. Pull it out again and re-insert. Problem fixed… until later. Seems like a common problem when I googled the issue for the 5100. I have a brand new San disk extreme 32gb.

I met another guy with the same issue, same card model, but 16GB.  Same issue with his D5100.

Is this a known issue with this card?  My part # sdsdx3-032g-a21.

Any help would be appreciated.


Sounds more like a known issue with the Nikon D5100 camera.

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FYI: New firmware update 1.01

btw i also have the same problem with Sandisk Extreme HD Video 16GB, both my sdhc cards, will report back when i get the firmware updated on my D5100 :slight_smile:

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it works alot better after the firmware update

havnt had a problem since

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