Scandisk Connect 4G

Just bought a Scandisk Connect 4g. My computer finds it all right. The problem is that when i drag my song list over and hit the sync button it starts the process but then stops.Help in Dalton!!! Please

I suspect that “drag & drop” and “sync” are not compatible. If you follow the “HELLO” thread, which I co-opted as a newbie thread. You may find some help there.

I recommend you get Media Monkeh

Start with the Standard (free) version. You may want to switch to Gold later on. I just got mine the day before yesterday

It’s an audio media manager, filetype converter and player. I’ve accepted it as my default audio player because of it’s Automatic Level Control, which volume-equalizes audio files of different levels during playback, and very good drfault crossfading. It is also the media manager of choice here

PromisedPlanet should be along to offer help

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Thank you very much I hope that this works God Bless

Hey MoonDoggyMa …

Yep, as Spacepatroller said, “sync” versus “drag and drop” are kinda mutually exclusive, the reason being that people typically either (1) use a program like MediaMonkey (or Windows Media Player, or Winamp, etc.) to SYNC music from the program’s library to the Sansa Connect … or (2) use Windows Explorer to DRAG AND DROP media files from the computer’s hard disk to the Sansa Connect’s internal memory.

Let us know how things go for you with MediaMonkey.

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