Saving recordings help needed

Hello, my first post and I can assure you a real novice so I need ‘simple’ advice and instruction.

I want to save the things I have recorded, but when I connect my fuze to the pc it wipes them off the voice part and puts them in the songs section. The first time this happened I found, when I tried to play them it skipped through each one very quickly without playing them then went on th the next available track.

I recorded again and the next I connected to the pc it placed the recordings following the first ones, if you get what I mean, so I have 1-9 from the first time that just skip through and then 10-18 but I can play these.   

The questions I have are

1 how can I properly save the recordings to my fuze

2 can I put them in a playlist and how

3 how do I rename them at the moment they are just numbers.

Let me start with some clarifications: The Fuze handles normal music and recordings very differently. Recordings in the Fuze’s sense are the recordings made via internal microfon or internal radio exclusively.

Now on to your questions:

1 If you have recorded something with any other equipment than the Fuze you MUST handle it the same way as you do with normal music files (e.g. your mp3’s).

2 With these files you can use playlists.

3 You MUST not manually add/delete/rename the Fuze’s own recordings. The only allowed operation is to delete single recordings by selecting the appropriate menu items on the Fuze.