Adding individual mp3 tracks

Sorry this probably is simple and sorry it’s probably covered somewhere on forum but I can’t find it.  My furze is now full of albums but I want to put individual mp3 tracks on.  They are bird recordings which I have given names to myself.  I want to put them in a folder, which I name myself, and put it on my player so they are easily available.  Can anyone explain to me in simple language how I do this.  I didn’t have the slightest problem with my last mp3 player but I seem to have a mental block with this.


When connected to your computer, the Fuze will show up in your My Computer folder (assuming Windows is your OS), just like a disk drive. You can then open it and create new folders as you would any other drive and copy your files into it, or drag and drop existing folders from your hard drive to the Fuze.

The files will show up on the Fuze as songs, and the folder will show up as an album. The files will probably also be listed as <unknown> artists. You can fix that by editing the files tags, but I don’t bother. 

Also, you may find it easier to transfer files using Rhapsody, Media Monkey, or Windows Media Player by adding the files to your Library first. This will allow you to easily create a playlist for your files as well. 

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That’s how I thought you do it, but it doesn’t seem to work.  I create a file, with my tracks in, drag it across and it shows up when the sansa is connected to the computer.  But when I detach it and scroll through the album list it isn’t there.  If I connect it again I can still see it on the computer.


  1. Make sure that the target path, that is the location on the Fuze where you are dropping your folder, is “My Computer\Sansa Fuze 4GB\Internal Memory\Music”.

  2. I did err in my earlier post. In the Fuze’s menu, Artist and Album information for files you’ve created yourself will show up as “Unknown” if you haven’t entered this information into the ID tags. These menus are not populated from folder names.

You should be able to find the folder on the Fuze by navigating to it throught the menu: Music>Folders>Internal Memory>MTP>Music. This feature was added in the latest firmware upgrade, so you may need to use the Sansa Updater to get it.

Hope this helps.

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Brilliant that worked! Thanks a lot.  Knew there’d be a way.


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I was going to suggest that the files be properly tagged for the Fuze to organize them properly.  You may try adding special “Genre” info to the mp3 tags of these files for easier retrieval later.  (ex:  birds-upland, birds-predators…)  Makes it easy to find specific songs/bird songs later if you search "Genre instead of simply Album and get the entire list of bird sones.