Fuze doesn't recognize recordings put on it.

Originally I had a problem and it got fixed after doing a check disk. Then I had to eventually format it. Before formatting, after I would shut off the fuze I eventually got a white screen, and had to force shutdown, then reconnect, then format.

I had some voice recordings on there. Once I formatted I could make new recordings. But the recordings that I tried to put back on the fuze added on the harddrive, but they won’t show on fuze. what’s wrong? Is that normal? Is there any way to get the recordings to show?

I already tried checking the disk again for errors.

I’m not sure this will help, but before I formatted the disk, the fuze would skip past recordings when it got to a certain number, and it would also save new recordings as ones before the skipped numbers. this is partially why I decided to format my fuze (besides the white screen).after shutdown)

Also, I had a problem where the fuze would go through a time of “refreshing your media” everytime I unplugged it, even if I didn’t do anything to the fuze. That’s also why I decided to format it. Just an additional detail.

Actually, the problem with the recordings skipping is still there. I made a recording, then I deleted it on the computer, now it is showing on the recorder. It seems to be that the fuze is not removing the values on the fuze but still showing them there. Can’t delete it on the recorder itself once deleted on the computer.

It only seems to be when I delete the recordings on the computer that I have this problem now. I found that out after reformatting it. That’s a problem I’d like to fix.

Thanks if you have any suggestions.