Saving files - please help!!

Whenever I try saving a brand new file in word to Sandisk (encrypstick is file location I guess in save menu), my word document doesn’t save onto my USB. How do I save directly to the usb? I have no problem editing files already on there from a transfer I did, but any new file won’t save.

Interestingly, the file is saving to somewhere. In certain cases, even after I unplug the usb, I’m able to go into my hard drives recent menu and access the file. Once I restart, it’s gone. So my concern is 2 things - why can’t I save / how do I save a brand new file? And also, I feel like many times its saving as a temp file somewhere on the hard drive (as evidenced by my ability to access it without the usb plugged in). My fear is access to the files without the need for the usb to be plugged in. What am I missing??! Any feedback would be appreciated!

encrypstick is file location

I’ve never heard of a file location named encrypstick.  (Of course there are thousands of things I’ve never heard of, so…)

How do I save directly to the usb?

Determine the drive letter of the USB drive using Windows Explorer and save files directly to it.  For example, if the USB drive is F you would save files to F:/

Do note, files saved directly to the USB drive will not be encrypted.

Also note, Word can not write files directly to the SecureAccess encrypted vault.  No program can.  Files can only be written to, and read from, the SecureAccess vault by the SecureAccess app.  To create a Word document to be saved in the SecureAccess encrypted vault you must first save it on your hard drive then use SecureAccess to write it to the USB drive’s encrypted vault. 

A similar approach is used to read or update a Word doc in the SecureAccess vault.  You use the SecureAccess app to access the file in the vault and write it to your hard drive, then the Word app can read and/or update it.  And when done updating, and saving it to the hard drive, you use the SecureAccess app to write it back to the USB drive’s vault.

What if I don’t want any file to ever touch the hard drive for security reasons? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the USB? I’m basically trying to find a way to not touch the hard drive and save/edit/open strictly from the usb…

If it matters, I’m using a Mac. Thanks for your feedback!

What if I don’t want any file to ever touch the hard drive

Ok.  You could see if you can save them back to the USB drive, outside of the vault.

I agree with Ed’s post. If you are working on any saved file, try the “SaveAs” function from the File menu and look at the location. Second, there is a “Timeout” setting within Tools | Option. If you set it to zero, then you should be able to work on the file and save it there. There is a risk of losing the unsaved portion of your working file should the USB drive stop working or computer crashes.

I am not a SanDisk representative or client other than a customer of several products. There are several other free/paid subscription encryption software on the market that you can obtain for WIndows PC/MAC. The source is at and SafeHouse Explorer works the best for me, which is just a file that I can move without issues. However, all software/application have its issues and limitations that it is best to read the user guide/consumer reviews/discussion forums.

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I am experiecing the same issues. Ive used sandisk before which allows new files to be saved into the USB but unfortunatley after 5 years it broke. I bought a new Sandisk Ultra USB 32GB, and this time Im having the same issues as you and it is incredibly frustrating. Why should I have to save this to the hard drive and save it back into vault? You would think Sandisk would have made this more user friendly.  What a load of rubbish and waste of money. Any one recommend a USB which is password protected and you can save new documents into? The one I bought is a ‘waste of space’.

Any one recommend a USB which is password protected and you can save new documents into?,2817,2418136,00.asp