Cruzer Glide 16GB Not saving most recent copy of Word documents

Twice now I have created Word documents that I have saved to my Vault. I go back in over time to edit/resave these documents. In both cases, when I log back into the Vault, only the original copies are there, and none of the edits have been saved. Any ideas?

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Well, try extract the Word of My Vault to work, edit, save, and then of verify that the edits are saved, replace the Word again in My Vault.


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Quick question please. Are the files inside the vault cannot be modified or something?

The files inside the vault can only be updated by the vault’s software. 

To change a file inside the vault you must use SecureAccess to extract/copy the file from the vault to a location outside the vault, your harddrive or the USB drive, then change it with whatever software it was created with, then use SecureAccess to readd it to the vault.

U3 was soo much easier.