Sansa updater sofware never updates

My Fuze isn’t connecting to my xp os, in device maneger it says there are no updated drivers, it can’t find them by hitting update. I went to the website and clicked Run for firmware, and the Sansa updater is on “please wait” for hours. Do you think it is actually the driver should I be doing something else?

Unless you need MTP mode for DRM-crippled files like Rhapsody, Napster, Audible or Overdrive audio books, switch your player to MSC mode. This allows your computer to ‘see’ it and communicate with it as just another storage device like a flash drive or external hard drive.

You can switch it in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode. I’d advise against using the Auto Defect mode. And as far as updating the firmware, simply use the manual installation instructions in the firmware posts and don’t bother with the Updater. The firmware updates don’t come out often enough to make it worthwhile to have on your computer ‘phoning home’ looking for updates every time you plug your player into your computer. It really slows your system down unnecessarily.

Sansa Firmware updater wont work if the player is not detected on your computer. Your Sansa Fuze have 2 USB mode MTP and MSC(Settings -> System Settings - > USB Mode). Your player is a plug and play device if its not detected in MTP then you can try the MSC mode.

Don’t use the updater. There won’t be any more updates. There’s no reason to have it waste time every time you startup your computer or to have it call home every time you connect the unit.

So uninstall the updater.

If you are convinced there are going to be more updates, look at the update thread and install anything you find manually. But x.x.31 was a long time ago.