Sansa Update For Video Question/Help and Please Answer! =D

Hey all, well i just got my brand new in box sansa connect. However im wondering HOW ON EARTH do you GET video on it!.  I read that i have to update the firmware but i dont have anyidea on how to do it.  I have tried connecting it to wifi and all i really did was play around with the internet radio.  I tried looking on the forum before posting but i couldnt find anything… Can anyone please help? because i would love to put videos on my sansa.

Below are the links to the resources and applications useful to Sansa Connect owners.

The new User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at

The FAQs are very insightful and can jump start your experience with the Sansa Connect.


The Yahoo! Music Jukebox application and manuals can be downloaded at

For a FW update you just need to connect to WIFI and leave it connected for an hour or so.  Put it on internet radio or something to keep it from shuting down.

thank you very much it works perfectly except i have another problem dealing with importing the video to the Sandisk Sansa Meda Convertor. I always get this message that it is the wrong codec.  All videos are in mp4 format.