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I’m new here and a new owner of the Connect.  My question is why did they not include in their packaging anything about Video capabilities?, only photos?   they don’t really even say to much in the directions about it.  Any more help would be great, I have videos of family I would like to put on.


The machine was not intended to be a video device, but by a stroke of luck and with a November '07 firmware update, the Connect became video-capable.  The manual you’re looking at may be one that came with the machine before its updates.  There’s a more up-to-date manual available at the top of this forum.

There are also a couple of video threads here that will bring you up to speed, video-wise.


Below are the links to the resources and applications useful to Sansa Connect owners.

The new User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at

The FAQs are very insightful and can jump start your experience with the Sansa Connect.

The latest Yahoo! Music Jukebox application and manuals can be downloaded at

Hi Jake,

Thank you for the answer, I was thinking that this was a marketing oversight… even the sales person said it did not do video. 

Best, Melanie

I wouldn’t be surprised for a sales person to not know about the video support added with the last firmware update … they wouldn’t be keeping up with that kind of stuff.

Speaking of which; anyone else heard of video support being added with a firmware update?  Seems unusual (not that I’m complaining).

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Firmware’s an impressive thing.  The Sansa is my daughter’s, but the Zune is mine, and Zune’s latest firmware allows the Zune to sync wirelessly with the PC.  It’s pretty nifty, especially since all previous Z firmware updates had been bug fixes.  So Sansa could allow the same capability, I’m sure, if its development masters were willing.

The Zune, however, had been video-capable all along.


True, but the Zune lacks one important feature… software that actually *works*
I just ditched my 1st generation Zune for the Connect after it’s audio jack stopped working (after 5 months)

Oh, it’s awful software, especially 2.0.  But a great video screen for my 12-hour plane flights.