Help with Connect mp3 player.

I just got a Sandisk Connect for as an early Christmas present. Now I’m pretty computer oriented in use and their build, but for the life of me I cannot figure out HOW to update the firmwire, use sansa media converter, or add videos! I would greatly appreciate some help.


Firmware:  you can upgrade your firmware in one of two ways. 1) Log onto internet radio, or look at the pictures of the day on Flickr, either of which will activate your WiFi connection.  The firmware download should begin in 10-15 minutes, or 2) you can download the Sansa Updater tool from this site, and transfer the firmware upgrade via your PC and USB connection to your Connect.

Video:  Download the Sansa Media Converter.  When you select video files, the converter will size it for the sceen and put it in the proper format.

Follow yhis link for both:

The newly posted FAQs and User Manual are posted on this forum. This will answer a lot of the question you have and jump start your experience with Sansa Connect.