Help with the sansa connect 4GB

I just got a refurbished Sansa Connect from or something like that.

I didnt get any CD’s or anything to go with it, all i got was earphones, USB cord and the Connect 4GB

I have had no problems with lag, or shut-down or anything like that, but i need to know how to download videos onto it, where to get the necessary software and anyother info you think might be helpful to me.

Also, i would like to set up w/e internet thingy its got and that stuff, but i need to know if its free, so plz provide me with that info.

I have visited but it is unhelpful, and i have tried to use the Sansa Media Converter that came with my old sansa e200, but it never recognized my Connect, even after i reinstalled the software. I tried to drag and drop the videos into the connect directly into its VIDEO file but the computer shows some kinda message about how the Connect cannot play vids with this format and the device will only hold the video but will not play it on its display interface. The connect came with a video already installed and that played great, but i deleted it to save space so that sux:angry:



Thanx sincerely

Video conversion for Sansa Connect:

Copy the converted videos to the Connect’s “VIDEO” directory, as you’ve already tried.  The videos just need to be in the right format.