Sansa/SanDisk and CES 2009 vs CES 2006

That is what the topic of this post is about. Instead of new, better or improved products from SanDisk, we get SlotPlayer and SlotRadio. Are we as a species becoming that ignorant and lazy? :mansad: Even if you could choose the music you wanted, the price is still too steep.

So we have a few more hours for SanDisk to shake up the mobile media player market again. I hope we haven’t been waiting in vain. I certainly appreciate the SSD’s, but we all knew SanDisk would be a huge player in that department. However, I wish SanDisk - if not wanting to sell to Samsung - would have at least partnered with them. Samsung is a great company, and like SanDisk, are very innovative. Imagine what the 2 could have been like merged or partnered.

I love my version 1 and 2 e200 series Sansa players, but wanted to at least see something new to keep Mr. Jobs on his toes, and SlotWhatever isn’t it. Or I could be wrong. Look how long reality TV (Survivor, Great Race,- how about get a life!!) has been here now. And Jerry Springer too. Man, we are de-evolving!! :cry:  

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And Jerry Springer too


There’s just too many things wrong with that statement haha.

The Slotradio concept seems interesting, especially if Sandisk decides to have 500 song cards for $20 in addition to the announced 1,000 song $40 cards. Imo the Slotradio player seems rather lame though, especially if used to play Slotradio cards. The Slotradio cards seem like they would work nicely in the Fuze with its song ratings and go list. Imo Sandisk needs to make a Slotradio player that runs on a AAA(or AA?) battery, has a basic LCD display, a card slot, and sound quality equal to the Clip,  priced in the $30-40 region. The Slotradio player seems like a stripped down Fuze, but not at a stripped down price. A USB connector, but just to charge the player? Crazy!

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