Sansa Media converter

I cannot open SansaUpdaterInstall.exe to download the media converter. I use Windows vista.

Can anyone advice what I can do, or is there an alternative download converter I can use to convert my you tube files for the player to play?


Are you logged in as the Administrator on your computer?

Or forget SMC and get Video4Fuze.

You may need to convert the YouTube videos to .avi.

Hi there

Thanks for your help.

I didnt download because it gave a malicious file warning.

I downloaded  a few converters - Prism, You Tube downloader to convert to avi.

I them imported them into Video4Fuze and converted. When finished i always kept getting an error message


And then this message

[ermo2] no such file directory

Any suggestions?

By the way I was able to convert my pictures okay using the video4Fuze converter. I can watch them on my player - happy days!

Thanks for your help


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Hi Tom

What was that all about? 

Don’t get the connection with Sansa Fuze!



Well, as the saying goes, if you have to ask…

OK, one fish-to-go, then:

Google “video4fuze avi-mux vista”