Sansa Media Converter

Every time I try to use SMC it asks for the admin password.  I’ve loaded it as admin and on a user account as admin.  Both act the same.  I need this to open with out asking for the PW.  Any ideas.

Windows 7 and Sansa Fuze+

Use a different video converter program. The Fuze+ does not require it.

With Windows 7 right click onthe Sansa Media Converter (Start screen), then select Run as Admin.  I also selected to rrun it in WinXP mode.  So far, it runs on my end.

The SMC isn’t really needed for the Fuze+, you can simply run the video- I use AnyVideoConverter (there’s a cool free version), and set the output format to avi. The Fuze will play the files directly.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

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1a. OPTIONAL: Click Start then go to Programs > SanDisk > Sansa Updater > SansaUpdater to run the installer manually.


  1. Click to select the Sansa Media Converter check box, and then click Download Now.


  1. Click Finish.


STEP 3 - Launch the Sansa Media Converter application Click Start then go to Programs > SanDisk > Sansa Updater > Sansa Media Converter.