Sansa M250 -- New user -- two questions please

I just purchased a sansa M250 yesterday, and I am having fun downloading music – so far so good!

I have just two questions (so far) that I’m sure someone on this board can help me with.

  1. The device is considered 2GB in capacity. However, when I initially turned the MP3 player on, the display indicated 1.8GB. I guess the remaining 200MB is for ‘system use’?. My question is how much of the 1.8GB can I actually use for downloads? I’ve read on this forum that it is not a good idea to use every bit of capacity.   Should I stop ‘downloading’ when I reach a specific capacity level?

2.  I also read on this forum that people have had problems with their M250’s not working after going through airport security detectors. Is this a common problem? I would hate to see all my effort erased.!  Firmware is 4.08.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.     

leave about 5MB of free space for the database and you should be fine.

airport security does not effect these devices i go through them all the time.

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Thanks very much for the prompt response.