Sansa M240 Downgrade site

Whats the site for the downgrade then upgrade for Sansa M240Firm Wire 1xx to 4xx?


Message Edited by Timreck12 on 08-27-2008 12:28 PM

The firmware version levels (1xxx - 4xxx) are tied to the hardware levels of the main circuit board. If you change to a diffferent firmware level you will probably trash your player. I did mine and the procedure for unfreezing didn’t work.  I was able to reformat, but once disconnected from the PC, it wouldn’t power on.

For more information on this, see:

A forum at

gives instructions on changing from European to US firmware and I used their procedure except chaged the level of the firmware. It went through the motions and installed version 2 firmware on a version 1 m220. It said it had the new firmware, but it won’t power on. You area working with an obsolete, primitive MP3 player so if you really need a feature that is only available via a new version of firmware, consider upgrading to a Clip.