Sansa Fuze won't start or charge, recognized by Windows 7 as a 4.03 MB partition

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Few days ago I started having problems with my lovely Sansa Fuze. It wouldn’t turn on a few times and now it won’t start no matter what I do. I managed to see the startup animation a few times but it hanged.

I can restart it with the 15 second power hold trick(I can see because the empty partition dissapears after reseting the player). The Sansa Updater does nothing except “checking for updates”. The partition is seen as 4.03 MB in size and I am asked by Windows to format it, which sounds like a bad idea.

Is my beloved player dead just a month or so after my warranty run out?

I’ll bet you that it’s simply playing possum.  Do you recall if you have a revision 1 or 2 device?

Connect manually in MSC Mode by starting with the device OFF, and slide the power switch down to the HOLD position (orange showing).  Then press and hold the center button while connecting to the computer.  Keep the button depressed until the Fuze pops up in Windows Explorer.

I would check the volume for errors, and see if that restores it on disconnect (be sure to reset the power switch to the OFF position).

The next step is to reapply the current firmware.  Typically, a FAT corruption can cause the device to hang on startup.

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Did what you suggested. Few times even, no reaction whatsoever. Except at one time the 4MB partition dissapered and at another it was back there. Other than that no effects.

I also noticed that fdisk sees the 4MB space as without a partition table.

How long should I hold the center button? Once I tried 3 minutes and still nothing changed.

The Fuze should pop up in a few seconds, and you should see the confirmation of USB activity on the Fuze’s display: both the connected message, then alternating reading / writing messages as the computer queries the Sansa.

Just conforming, we have a device that’s hanging, plus not communicating, yes?  I’m flip-flopping between the board here and HP technical manuals, such good sport.

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Oh right, I forgot to ass, it’s version 2. 2.02.28 to be exact.

When I try all these tricks with resetting or holding buttons nothing appears on the screen, even though it definitely affects the communication as that 4MB space disappears and shows up.

It did hang when I managed to turn it on a few times, most of the time it hanged when updating the library and two last times at the first animation.

And thank you for your help, I’m really grateful.

I have the exact same problem with a Clip+ 4gb. Seems like it’s not running POST. No boot, no video, shows as 4mb raw drive. Maybe a switching transistor plinked.

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So it’s bricked?

And here I though this awesome player would last me a little longer than a year. Now I need to buy a new one with the money I saved up.

Now that I think about it, is there a way to fix it?  And would it cost more then a new one?

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That’s ridiculous… ah well, thanks for all the help.

One thing is sure though, I’m not buying from Sandisk anymore.