Sansa Fuze + will not connect to any computer!!!

I’ve had my Sansa Fuze + for over a year now, and it had been working perfectly fine until 3 weeks ago. For some reason it no longer connects to the computer or the laptop.

It still functions well, and I’m also able to charge it, but only in the wall (the wall charger for my phone, Samsung Galaxy Mini, works in my Sansa).

I know this was a common problem for the Sansa Fuze, but I don’t see a lot complaints for the Sansa Fuze +.

I would really appreciate the help for my Sansa. I had been enjoying my Sansa, pretty much everyday! :frowning:

If the Fuze+ is not connecting to more than one computer, it’s down to a few possibilities.  First, you can try switching the USB mode in the Fuze+ to see if it will connect in basic MSC mode, where it will be seen like any flash memory device.

Compared against other Sansas, the USB controller is a little different, and can take up to 30 seconds or so to establish a connection. On the device, the “connected” USB plug icon should appear of the device sees data on that connection.

To switch modes, on the Fuze, go to the Settings menu, then System Settings > USB Mode > MSC. If you’ve never touched this setting, it will be in Auto Detect by default. Auto detect is designed to try establishing an MTP connection first, so the player is seen by the computer as a portable player. It will switch to MSC if this mode is not available (Windows Media Player 10 or later is needed for MTP).

It’s possible that the cable itself might have a broken connection if several computers won’t connect. this is easily checked by substituting another Micro USB cable, used for many other devices today. New cables are really cheap. You can check the connector on the player for any signs of dirt or debris, as there might simply be a dirty contact.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

i kinda have the same problem although I also have a White Screen when i turn it on so i cant see anything can anyone help me?

A white screen usually means a reset is in order.