Sansa Fuze User Manual and General Information

Sansa Fuze

Latest Firmware: revision 1 01.02.26 revision 2 02.01.26


  • Sansa Fuze: Users Guide
  • Product type: Portable Media Player
  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.9 x 0.3 in. (HxWxD)
  • PC interface(s) supported: Hi-Speed USB
  • Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Silver(8GB only)
  • Flash memory installed: 2,4,8GB
  • Additonal Memory: supports microSD(HC)



  • Tuner type: Digital Radio tuner
  • Present Quantity: 40
  • Tuning display: LCD

Digital Player / Recorder

  • Digital audio standards: MP3, WMA, Audible, Protected WMA (DRM) OGG, FLAC


  • Battery: Rechargeable
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer (not replacable)
  • Battery Enclosure Type: Internal
  • Battery Life Details:  Up to 24 hours of audio playback / 5 hours of video playback

Audio System

  • Sound output mode: Stereo

Cable(s) / Peripheral(s)

  • Cable(s) included: 1x 30 pin proprietary to USB cable

System Requirements

  • Peripheral / Interface devices: CD-ROM, USB port
    Minimum Operating system: Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Linux and Mac OS (under MSC mode)


  • Connector type:  1x Headphones Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm, 1 x USB


  • Microphone type: Built-in


  • Headphones type: Binaural Sound
  • Output mode: Stereo
  • Connectivity Technology: Wired

** Based on continuous audio playerback at 128Kbps MP3; video playback at 512kbps/Mpeg-4l Photos based on 1.7mb average file size; Battery life and performance may vary depending upon usage and settings; battery is not replaceable.

The Sansa Shop &, great resources for Sansa accessories, music, movies, and more.

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I’d be interested in knowing the dimensions, when available.

Proprietary USB cable?  Sigh.

MrSmileyFace wrote:

Sansa Fuze: Users Guide (Currently not available) See PRODUCT PAGE

The “PRODUCT PAGE” link is incorrect.  It should be

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Man… your picky :smileyvery-happy:

Both changes have been applied. :smiley:

Then you’re probably going to think I’m really picky about this … :wink:


The product page says the Fuze is 0.3 inches deep, not 0.6.


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I know this is always a touchy subject, but I’m anxious!  When is the planned date for general availability?


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:stuck_out_tongue: Updated again, I guess I should of gotten it right the first time

According to the press release, early April is the release date.

its 50mm x 80mm x 10mm!!

Cable(s) / Peripheral(s)

  • Cable(s) included: 1x 30 pin propietary to USB cable

Oh yeah?  Who’s picky?  It’s spelled " proprietary".  I’m gonna tell Mom!!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and cool new HTML editor now too!

Am I reading it right, Microsoft Vista? Will there be driver issues?

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

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Annnd … shouldn’t the “minimum operating system” include Linux or Mac OS, per Sandisk’s product page?  :wink:

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Will the fuze support audible bookmarking?

Will the fuze support long-format audio (e.g mp3) bookmarking.

None of the above would be a serious oversight and disappointment after the slating of the view’s current firmware.


@tifosi wrote:

Will the fuze support audible bookmarking?


Will the fuze support long-format audio (e.g mp3) bookmarking.


None of the above would be a serious oversight and disappointment after the slating of the view’s current firmware.




Watch the video on this page:


I think the Sandisk employee mentions bookmarking on the Fuze.


Doesn’t really answer the question definitively. They said the view had bookmarking, but that was really the resume feature, which is crude & inefective and not really bookmarking…

If it has the same bookmarking type as video (centre press & resume/start) then fine. If not then it’s bad news if it’s competing with the ipod nano (ipod formware 1.2 has bookmarking).

Maybe sansa can produce a definitive feature list.


I don’t use audiobooks so I don’t understand what’s considered to be a full bookmarking implementation.  This article:

says “Sandisk’s whole line of MP3 players now supports audiobook bookmarking and can treat non-Audible files as audiobooks.”  I believe you before I believe Wired, though.  :wink:

So it works with Macs?  Granted only in MSC mode but that makes me very happy, being a Mac owner myself. :robotvery-happy:

The Fuze will remember your place in an Audible, Overdrive , Netlibrary or other Audiobook.  It will also remember the position in a podcast.

You can choose to resume the content or restart it.

The content must either

1)  be placed in the Audiobooks or Podcast folders

2)  Have its ID3 tag genre set to Audiobook or Podcast.

Audible content resumes as it has done in the past as well. 

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Does the menu include a sleep timer and the ability to add entire genre/album/artist to “on the go” playlist?



The article is wrong, not all sansa mp3's have bookmarking. The view does NOT. It has the resume feature, which is NOT bookmarking.


For it to have true bookmarking then the centre button press, certainly in the view, should be replaced with an exit from the audible (or long/voice audio file) to file list, as in video, instead of currently going to eq, which for an voice audio file is irrelevent.

The videos & feature list I've seen so far don't show this.


Th UI is neater than the view. I hope that the next firmware update for the view will replace the UI totally with the one on the fuze. PLEASE!!


Sansafix, you said 'You can choose to resume the content or restart it'.

Is this like for video files with the popup overlay?

Does the centre button exit an audiobook/podcast file as it should, and so bookmarks?

If so I'll be first in line!!




The pop up is similar to video,  it prompts you to resue or restart.

Center button cycles thru album art.

If you are listening to a book and then navigate to another content and start it,  then come back to the original book you will get the popup.  It will remember your place in the Audiobook content.  So to set a bookmark just ff/rew / to the content where you wish to place the mark, pause, then select other content.

Just to clarify, the Fuze’s Audiobooks folder acts different then previous players. In previous players only .AA files could be put in the Audiobook (Audible) folder. With the Fuze, any file .AA or otherwise (as long as it’s music) can be placed in the Audiobook folder and show up in the Audiobook section of the Fuze’s user interface. No longer will you have non .AA Audiobooks showing up in the music folder. Simply drag and drop your .wma, .AA or .mp3 Audiobook into the Audiobooks folder and it will show in the Audiobooks folder in the player’s GUI.