sansa fuze updater 1407 on 6/6/14

I have been burned by updates before due to not liking the changes.  Is there any info anywhere about what this update includes?



Are you talking about a ‘firmware’ update for the Fuze, or an update for the “updater”?

Firmware update posts for players here list what changes and/or enhancements were made in the update, as well as still unresolved or known issues. Plus, you can always (manually) revert back to a previous version if for some reason you don’t like the changes made.

If you are referring to an Updater update, I wouldn’t bother. In fact, no one here even recommends using the Updater. If you need to update the firmware on a player, just do it manually. It takes about the same amount of time (or less) and the Updater won’t be ‘phoning home’ every time to plug your player into your computer, slowing things down while it searches for an update that will never come, as the Fuze is discontinued long ago and will not be getting any updates from SanDisk any more. :wink:

Thank you-it is an update for the updater.  I was surprised to see it as I knew they quit manufacturing the Sansa Fuze.  I didn’t realize it was different from firmware updates.