firmware update 02.03.33

I am not able to update my fuze. I have never had any problems before. I downloaded a new updater which made no difference. It says it’s downloading but I never get te “updating firmware” on the fuze. It goes right to refreshing media. I went into the folders and the update is sitting right next to my music folder. It’s not inside a folder, it’s sitting next to the folder.  What am I doing wrong?

The player will ignore invalid firmware update files.  Is yours named correctly?  Is it the right firmware for your player, and what are you running now?

Don’t use the Updater. It’s easy enough (quick too) to do it manually. Just follow the simple directions in the firmware post.

Only 2 key things to remember . . .

1.) There are 2 versions; make sure you download the correct one for your player, and

2.) The firmware files downolad as compressed, or .zip files. Make sure to extract them and place the expanded files within into the root directory of your Fuze. If you simply copy a .zip file over, it won’t do anything but sit there.

I am currently running v02.03.31A. When I plugged in my fuze to the computer I was told there was an update to 02.03.33 and the updater took over.  I will try it manually but why isn’t it doing it automatically?

I have no clue where the root directory is located. How and where do I find it.

IIRC it shows up in windows as “fuze” for me.

If the file is corrupt it might get ignored.  Try copying a fresh one. 

The root is the driveletter of the external memory. Like SANZA FUZE (E: ) . Yours could be F:, D:, G:, whatever. It’s just the basic name of your drive. The root directory for a Windows computer is usually C:

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