Sansa fuze sd hc problem

Hi, I’m using my sansa fuze nearly more than a year, I was using a 2gb micro sd card and no problem with it at all, but I bought a 8gb micro sdhc class 4 card but It doesn’t get recognized. I can see it properly working on my pc, but player doesn’t see or run it.

I checked the table which I saw from here, sansa disk fuze seems to be running that class and group, what else can that be?

If you still have the 2GB card, put it back in and check, just to make sure there’s not some mechanical problem with the slot.

Possibly the new card is formatted in a way the Fuze doesn’t like  Since you can see it on your computer, make sure you have copies of anything you need on the card, then use the computer to  Format it to FAT32. 

Possibly the firmware doesn’t support the size? Try checking for any firmware upgrade though.

The Fuze supports the SDHC format alright, all the way up to 32GB cards. No firmware upgrade needed.

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