Sansa Fuze screen went white, charging issues

my sansa fuze is all screwed up. i charged it overnight once and when i woke up, i saw the screen on it went white for

a sec before completely turning on…which it said it only had halfbattery

so i charge it AGAIN overnight…and now it says DEAD BATTERY

do i have to charge it for a week or something? it didnt used to be like this but now its all screwed up


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Ouch.  There have been a few similar “white screen” postings, thank God it’s not too common an event.

Try resetting the device by holding teh power switch in the ON position for about 15 seconds, then while it’s OFF, slide the power switch DOWN to the HOLD position.

Now for the tricky part, let’s force a manual MSC connection.  Press and hold the center button while plugging in to the USB port.  Let us know if the screen lights, and the battery begins charging in this mode.

If it’s charging, let her charge for a while to give the battery a chance.

Then, open a Windows Explorer window.  I like to use [Windows key] + E, or go to My Computer.  See if the Fuze appears under “devices with removable storage”.

If it’s communicating, you have the options of formatting the device and reloading the firmware.

Bob  :wink:

I’ve had that white screen too after disconnecting from USB.  Only once in a while.

I just turn the device off and restart.  that seems to be the end of it.

I have no idea what really causes it but I have not been having any battery charging issues.

Just wondering…are these V2 Fuzes? I own and have worked on multiple V1 Fuzes and have never seen a white screen problem.

My Rev. 1 Fuze, I saw a white screen once…I did the soft reset, and it never did it again

yo i think i got my sansa fuze wet…and the screen is white wat do i do???

DON’T turn it on again.  Drop it in a bag with regular uncooked rice for a day, then try it again.