Sansa Fuze SanDisk will not charge

I cannot charge my Sansa Fuze Sandisk - neither at the mains nor with a USB. It turns on, shows ‘connected’, then ‘writing’, then goes back to showing ‘connected’ and the 4-coloured ‘flower’ icon in the centre revolves, but the battery does not show the charging symbol and remains white and uncharged.  I have held the ‘on’ button on the side for various lengths of time and all it does is turns it off.  When I turn it on again the whole scenario starts again.  It’s not the cable because I have just bought another and it does the same thing with the new cable.

The CD of installations is erased. I can not install it on my computer or either see anything. It isa Sansa Fuze Sandisk 8.0 GB e280v2. I’ll be gratefull if you send me the Driver to install it.



There is no driver or anything to install. Also, there is a Fuze and there is an e280v2. While similar, there is no combination; they are 2 separate players. Which do you have?

If you’re having troubles with your computer recognizing the player when you plug it in, you might try going to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode (on the player). Switch it to MSC and see if that helps.