sansa fuze not turning on after being dormant for 2 years.PC recognizing it as mass storage

hello folks.recently ive been looking around my house and happen to find my old sansa fuze.which i haven’t used in almost 2 years since it never did turned on.anyways i tried some troubleshooting on it only to get very odd results.when plugged onto the computer it recognized it but as M200plus.i tried looking for it on device manager only to get even more odd came up as “UNDEF MASS STORAGE”. i tried updating the firmware only to not have the firmware updater not even recognize the love to have it working was always a really great mp4 player and id love to get it working again.will be posting pictures of everything listed on the imgur link.iam open to any and all suggestions. and thanks :smiley:

leave it on the carger for an hr or two.

I have the feeling that the partition that has teh firmware on it is shot.

Personaly i’d format it and try it.  Disconnecting it and restarting it should start writing the original os back on it.  If not after you format it download the firmware files and toss them back on and restart it again.  That should reflash the firmware.

Did you have rockbox on it or something?

If that doesnt work then my next step would be to install rockbox on it.  Once you have rockbox installed you can go back to the original firmware.

Again all my guesses are that the primary storage partition that has the firmware files on it is corrupted due to dead battery for 2 years.

Hi aFluffysnowman, how did this work out for you? For me, this seemed to be a rare case. Any work around found so far?