Sansa Fuze max volume cap removal

The max volume on my Sansa Fuze is not as high as i sometimes need it to be. I’m pretty sure it’s software capped so it would be nice to add a MAX volume setting to the existing normal and high.

Before anyone warns me of the potential hearing loss, let me just say that, being an avid audiobook fan, I listen almost exclusively to speech, which has far less audio energy than continuous music. While walking to work I pass several areas with heavy traffic (cars are very loud where I live) and even the highest volume setting leaves me struggling to make out what the narrator is saying. I had no such trouble with my old I-River, whose highest volume setting seems to be at least 1/3 louder than that of the Sansa Fuze.By all means, include a big red warning sign informing the user of the potential risk, but please enable this option.


Vidra - 

Not to take away from your suggestion, as other’s have expressed concern over this also; some think the volume could be louder, others think it’s too loud, and some think it’s “just right”. :stuck_out_tongue: A lot depends on the sensitivity and resistance (in ohms) of your head/earphones.

But have you heard about or considered a ‘headphone amp’? Here’s a thread discussing one that many are raving about. It’s tiny _ AND _ it’s only 8 bucks! That might solve your ‘traffic’ issue. :wink:

Thanks very much for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely look it up, although I’m not sure it is available in Serbia, where I live, and US retailers don’t send goods to my country. The reason I suggested adding the “max” setting was so that everyone could adjust it according to their personal taste and requirements. As for the “ohmage” (is there such a word at all? :P), I’m using the default earphones that came with my FUZE. I’ve got a multimeter lying somewhere at home so I’ll measure its resistance and compare it to my i-River earphones and if the latter have a lower resistance, I could use those instead. In the meantime, I’ll just create a custom equaliser setting, maxing out all the higher frequencies since speech needs only them.


Yes, boosting the EQ will give you more volume (I forgot about that little trick). The link in the post discussing the Fiio headphone amp is to Dealextreme. They seem to be just an on-line retailer. I don’t know about selling to people in Serbia, but I know a lot of the stuff you buy there is shipped from Hong Kong. Whether that’s where their warehouse is, or they are bascially middle-men and the manufacturer is in Hong Knog and they ‘drop-ship’ it, I don’t know.

What I do know is that they offer some incredible ‘deals’ on electronic stuff but it takes forever to ship from Hong Kong to here in the States (2 weeks or so).