Increase volume on Sansa Fuze?


I love my Sansa (microSD and FLAC support ftw), but I have a small problem. I have some portable speakers, but when i plug them into my Fuze the volume is loooow. Is there any way to increase the volume on the Sansa, other than turning the wheel or put the equalizer to a max? 

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Go to Settings > System Settings > Volume and set it to “High”.

If there is no “Volume” setting, select “Reset Factory Settings”, and set the region to US or rest of the world (_not_ Europe).

(btw, setting the equalizer to max can cause clipping and degrade the audio quality)

Your Fuze puts out about 60-something milliwatts of power. It’s designed to adequately drive


You’re trying to enter a tractor-pull with a Volkswagon Beetle. As Tim Taylor on Home Improvement would say, “You need MORE POWER! Argh, Argh, Argh!

You could try AC-powered speakers (like the kind you get for computers), or a headphone amp (that goes between the player and the speakers/headphones).