sansa fuze+ malfunction

I spilled nail polish remover, and it pooled under my Sansa Fuze+. I dried it as quickly as possible, removed the SD card and it will not turn on. I am attempting to charge it, but wonder if I damaged it or if there is a way to fix it.

I know I’m a little late to the show here, but I just wanted to say if you let the nail polish dry  BEFORE* turning it on, and it still won’t power up, the device is probably dead. Of course, you could always try “resetting” it, that is, holding the power button for a good while (sometimes a little as ten seconds, or sometimes as much as a full sixty seconds or more). Then, try to power it up. Charging it  Might also help, or it might damage the computer or device you plug it into. I think/hope the latter would be unlikely, but you never know.

-In any case, good luck.

*Never turn on the device when it’s wet. Doing so will damage the device more than it may already be. If your device ever gets wet with anything, turn it off immediately, let it dry for at least a few days, then turn it on (and hope for the best).