sansa fuze got wet/ frozen screen

I was having a lovely day running along the ocean when a hefty wave splashed (not soaked) my mp3 player. Since then, I have searched forum re: getting mp3 wet, and I understand the first step is to shut off the apparatus, which I was not good about doing, because it continued to play for five to ten minutes longer and I optimistically thought it evaded any real damage. Then, volume got very loud and and I music shut off on its own. (Not sure if I turned up volume accidentally?) The mp3 got really hot for a while, even though I could not turn screen on. You could hear the electrical activity through the earphones (the sound of the earphone ‘connection’ when you pull earphone plug in and out,) but I could not shut it off officially. 

I let it sit to air out with fan blowing on it. Its been a day and the mp3 turned on, with the sansa icon showing, but then the screen flashed white with plain text that said ‘low battery- must shut down.’ I tried to charge it, but the screen got stuck on splash and the sansa continued to not respond. Then, it shuts off. 

All sad, but true. Any suggestions? Any hope? 

You want to make sure it is as dry as possible before you put any current through it. Salt doesn’t help either–could have shorted things out. 

Be very patient and wait a few days, then try turning it on again.

It may just be fried, though. Your report on what happened, like getting hot, is not encouraging. 

The noise from (un/re)plugging the headphones happened to me after posting my blank screen thread, and it took 4.5 days to fully discharge (as opposed to reports that it shouldn’t take more than 3 days). After that happens, just wait a couple more days to make sure it is fully dried out then plug it in to the computer to see if it will charge.

Thanks for both your responses. Since then, I have let it dry out several more days (got away from constantly damp ocean air to dryer climate; enclosed mp3 in bag w/a dessicant packet-thing that comes with shipments of products; sat it in front of fan.) It seems dry enough, as I can get full charge. I plugged it into computer and it can read and play everything on mp3. However, when I turn the wheel for the function of the radio- the function it froze on when I was using mp3 and water splashed on it- the screen continues to freeze up. (All the other functions work fine.) I then have to wait for battery to drain, until it shuts off on its own, as the off button is unresponsive. I’m wondering-- anyone have thoughts on what this all means (besides that I’m an idiot for running with it unprotected by the ocean!)

I read about resetting device by forcing a manual MSC connection. I guess I’ll try that next; can’t hurt? From other post:

"Try resetting the device by holding teh power switch in the ON position for about 15 seconds, then while it’s OFF, slide the power switch DOWN to the HOLD position.


Now for the tricky part, let’s force a manual MSC connection.  Press and hold the center button while plugging in to the USB port.  Let us know if the screen lights, and the battery begins charging in this mode.


If it’s charging, let her charge for a while to give the battery a chance.


Then, open a Windows Explorer window.  I like to use [Windows key] + E, or go to My Computer.  See if the Fuze appears under “devices with removable storage”."

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted if, with any luck, that happens to work. The good news is at least I have my music back.

The biggest problem I see is that the water was saline, sea water.  Nasty salts (electrolyte) in that mix, and the Sansa has hundreds of connections in a very small space.  The processor has 200 pins in a 1 cm square, so a teeny droplet or salt deposit can wreak havoc depending upon where it is.

See how the device does, as you’ve been allowing it to dry for a few days.  While the device operates, or charges, nominal heat dissipation helps dry out those last droplets, with the last bit being more like the “fog” you see on the bathroom mirror following a shower.

Looking at the PC board with a microscope, it’s harder to pinpoint corrosion, as with the new RoHS lead-free requirements, solder connections can appear “dull” when they’re fine.  If everything else is working OK, it’s possible that there’s a problem in the FM section.  At least the device isn’t dead as Julius Caesar.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I dropped mine in fresh water , not salt and it did about the same thing.  after a day it works again except that I hear static especially when the song has a lot of bass. Some songs that have not much bass sound ok, it may also have to do with the quality of the file. Im going to try loading some new stuff and see how it plays.  I have a feeling something shorted out.  I wouldnt get my hopes up if Id dropped it in the ocean. Salt water corrodes ships,  Imagine what it does to electronics.

You should give it time for the inside to dry out.

Every time you put current through it–especially if you are getting static–you are the one who is risking shorting it out.  Turn it off. Give it time. Try it again in a few days.

And, while you are waiting for your device to dry, you can take a look at this interesting article.