Fuze got rained on

My mp3 player got rained on earlier today. It was on a clip outside of my pocket and it bounced out while I was running to get out of the rain (I know, stupid move). I recovered it after about 5 minutes and it was still on. It was wet and pretty dirty but it was still playing regularly. After a while, It started to act up. It would only play a whole song through if I locked it, and if I let it play regularly, it would skip to the next song or stop playing altogether after the backlight went off. At first I thought it was dirt caught in the track wheel, but the way it skipped seemed to be in time with the back light going out. Then the light itself would occasionally flicker.

After that I turned it off and it has been off ever since. I’m scared to charge it or anything, but the battery is very low. Should I just let it sit a dry for a few days, or should I just throw in the towel and by a new one?

You’re not the first one this has happened to . . .


and most likely won’t be the last either.